Soft Hooligans åker på matcher och mästerskap med visionen att våra spelare i laget en dedikerad klack som både syns och hörs från avspark till slutsignal.

Vi är främst aktiva i vår grupp på Facebook som nu har över 4000 medlemmar och där diskuterar, peppar, koordinerar, planerar och stöttar vi vårt lag och våra spelare. Istället för att vara en formell förening med medlemskap är alla vi som tillsammans följer vårt älskade lag softa huliganer. Vi är alltid här i både med- och motgång.

Soft Hooligans in media

The interest in our national team has increased incredibly in recent years and there has also been a lot written and reported about Soft Hooligans.

Here are links to some of the articles/features:

How it all started

We just love football and in the summer of 2017 we traveled to the European Championship in the Netherlands. We saw there how organized the orange home crowd was, while we Swedes sat scattered in the stands and were vanishingly few. A seed was planted to start something that could grow over time. We dreamed of gathering and organizing the supporters of our national team that we loved so much. We came up with the name then and there.

We who were on the trip to European Championship 2017:

mother Kajsa – dote upon large TIFOs and banners

daughter Estrid – best voice with or without a megaphone

daughter Mirjam – made the logo

cousin Rebecka – took the initiative for the EC trip

friend Ida - convinced that we would succeed

Tröja med spelarnas autografer

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PS. When we don't go to the national team matches, we can all support current and future national team players by visiting the Allsvenskan (WSL) and Elitettan (WSL 2) stands.